HTML5 vs. Flash -

A quick note to bring your attention to a very interesting article at Infoworld. Peter Wayner addresses the HTML5 vs. Flash discussion. With Apple coming out hard against Flash, many technologists have been calling HTML5 the death-knell for Adobe's venerable web player. Wayner provides a little push-back on the side of Flash, running down a list of the advantages Flash has, and will continue to have, over Javascript and HTML5.

He also concludes that it will be the web designers, not the "technocrats nor the programmers" who will make the final determination in this argument.

The real battle is in the hearts and eyes of the artists who are paid to create incredibly beautiful objects in the span of just a few hours. The designers will make the final determination. As long as Flash and its cousins Flex and Shockwave remain the simplest tools for producing drop-dead gorgeous Websites, they'll keep their place on the Internet.

As it is now, a really well-rounded web designer will need to find a balance between the two.