The River of Dancing Gods

All apologies to my intrepid crew of first time Protest Committee members [info]final_girl, Lynne Procope, and Jason Carney (not shown). Deb Marsh and I got them all warmed up with terrible tales of past protests only to leave them wanting at the end of the week. I believe I said the word "unbelievable" 7 to 12 times per night as the protests kept not coming in. I am still in shock about the whole thing. The first year I chaired the committee was in 2004, in St. Louis. Perhaps I am slightly pessismistic as a result.

  • - Austin Texas is clearly the hottest place on Earth.
  • + Stubbs BBQ is clearly the best BBQ on Earth though I didn't get any of Whoopiecat's, so I could be wrong.
  • + [info]red_five and [info]pinata are awesome, and also very cool.
  • + Sonya, Krissi and Tracy are even more awesome than the above.
  • + The MCs and Bout Managers - Good crews mean less problems.
  • .
  • + Colleen is very cool, she helps at NPS and she also married me, which is nice.
  • + Poetry that I like was often read, and also won some stuff.
  • + Buddy Wakefield smiles a lot.
  • -- Lazy SlamMasters, "Wait, working wasn't part of the deal! WTF?!"
  • - 3x5/4x4/hi->low, I don't care just pick one, get on with the show, so I can get back to work.
  • - Missed playing TW:PGA2005 with [info]scottwoods
  • + Only saw 3 poets cry, which is down almost 500% from last year. (Happy tears not included in poll)
  • ++ Was not called a racist or threatened, also down from last year.
  • - I missed all of Whoopiecat's food.
  • +/- Bomb Hoaxes = Dance All Night.
  • +/- Nerd Slam so great, so short.
  • - Tod Caviness got smoked in trivia, so I didn't see him perform.
  • ++ Oh hay, look at all the first timers at orientation.
  • + Talking rules in panel with Taylor.

    Strange aside: before we started the panel two young women come in and ask Taylor and if this is the Panel on the Grey Area, because they wanted to meet one of the presenters. I started to turn away since they clearly wanted to meet Taylor, who is famous and stuff. He introduces himself, and one of the women asks,"Are you from Ann Arbor ?" At which point he introduces me. Turns out one of them is going to U of M this fall, and wants to come to our Slam. It made me chuckle for a second, I think he did, too.

  • Another Aside
    Deb Marsh, [info]aurorabell, Nick Fox, [info]red_five, and Sonya Renee. [info]red_five during the Indie Finals was pulling under a minute turnarounds, during a bomb threat, having probably slept 3 hours in 4 days, and still managed to push clothing, poet merch, and sell finals tickets.
    [info]scottwoods - NO ROBOT - NO TOP 5 SIR! Back to the list...

  • - Dudes doing poems about pussies (Perhaps there's not enough material in their own pants to fill 3 minutes. OHH SHIT YEAH - I SAID THAT)
  • + 1.5 million badass bats.
  • ++ Sleeping at NPS, at night.
  • - 501 Studios, I just didn't like the venue, please don't use it again.
  • + La Mamitas Avenue Cafe- Best Breakfast I have had since ABQ. Go There Next Year
  • +/- It's a shame I only get to hear Dawn Saylor laugh twice a year.

Well, I'm out. There is a ton more that I am forgetting right now. I'm sorry. I leave you with a few more pics. Be good.

Which one of you likes tattoos ?

National Poetry Slam 2006–Austin,TX