The Unteleported Man


v. breathed, breath·ing, breathes
v. intr.

  1. To inhale and exhale air, especially when naturally and freely.
  2. To be alive; live: A nicer person has never breathed.
  3. To pause to rest or regain breath: Give me a moment to breathe.
  4. To move or blow gently, as air.
  5. To allow air to pass through: a natural fabric that breathes.
  6. To be exhaled or emanated, as a fragrance.
  7. To be manifested or suggested, as an idea or feeling: A sense of calm breathed from the landscape.
  8. To reach fullness of flavor and aroma through exposure to air. Used chiefly of wine.
  9. To require air in the combustion process. Used of an internal-combustion engine.