Faith of Our Fathers

IWPS 2006 has come and gone again, and I am only just beginning to recover. Each event I go to has it's own flavor, so it's hard to say one is better than another, but this one was pretty damn good. If I measure how well we did as organizers by the number of protests, then this is the best event I have ever been involved in by far. I may also be a little biased by the beautiful weather we were given, and the right proper food I was served everywhere I went in Charlotte.

I will have a more personal post later, but this needed to be done now. I thanked the organizers and volunteers on Saturday night, face-to-face, and you should as well, if you enjoyed the week. Terry, Inkera, Kimberly, Steve Marsh, the EC and a bunch more all deserve more rounds of applause than we had time to give on Finals night.

I want to again thank my MCs and Bout Managers for the effort they put in. They are the face of the event for the audience, and play a huge role in making the event happen. This year's crew did their jobs so well, that we did not have a single protest filed.

  • Delrica
  • John Starino
  • Granma Dave
  • Kimberly Sims
  • Simone Beaubien
  • Rock Baby
  • Link Schreiber
  • Ms Spelt
  • Mama Casandra Tanenbaum
  • Ed Mabrey
  • Kirk Hardesty
  • Nave' - Who drove down to MC for 1 night, and had to leave for Oklahoma in the morning

All of them were fantastic, though I would like to specially thank these four veterans, who really shined to me (for being on time), and to the poets and audiences for being entertaining, fair, and keeping the focus where it should be, on the poetry.

  • Taylor Mali
  • Whoopiecat
  • Dawn Saylor
  • Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz

As our organization becomes larger, and our processes improve, so do our events. This was evident in Charlotte.

To everyone involved: Thanks for a great time.