The Minority Report

Well bust my buttons, Slashdot is reporting the possibility of A Second Season of Firefly.

Slashdot user ovanklot writes:

"It seems that Brilliant Screen Entertainment is looking to see if there is an audience for a second season of the science fiction show FireFly. From the article: 'It's possible that subscribers may choose one of three playback options; monthly DVD deliveries, TV On-Demand using your cable or satellite provider, or computer viewing via Streaming Download.'" They are asking folks to fill out a short survey to gather demographics for support in their efforts to get Fox to release the show to them. The site also stresses that they want neither money nor confidential personal information.

There is serious skeptism the Fox will release the rights, or broadcast another season, but there seems to be some hope that a straight to box set might be a possibility. Which would be sweet.

Here is a link to the survey.