Burning Chrome

Some of you may know Matt Ernst. If you do, you will kind of understand what is going on with this. If you don't know him, I apologize in advance, because Matt likes to break your head.

A (long) while ago, Matt came to me with an idea for a column for A2Slam.com that revolves around letters Matt receives from a universe parallel to ours. Months later he sent the first letter to me. 4 months after that, I finally posted it. It's quite odd, much like Matt, for who else could write a passage like this:

I’d like to try first to put your mind at ease, at least somewhat, by telling you that the similarities between our universes vastly outnumber the differences. A brief example of this is that there is a Paris Hilton in my universe, but we don’t have a Kid Rock.

It's short but sweet, wanna see it ? here it is.

Also, if any of you people are waiting until the last minute to sign up to MC for iWPS...don't. It's more fun than NPS and less stress. So let me know if you are in or I will be forced to cry myself to sleep.
That is all.