All Tomorrow's Parties

An entry in [info]aurorabell's journal reminded me why I decided to finally post instead of just lurking. Therefore, friends, I would like you to know why I am thankful for you.

  • [info]aurorabell makes me smile. We kind of "grew up" in slam together.

  • [info]bobdapoet gives solid advice, and is always willing to roll the sleeves up and get to work.

  • [info]chazellik is kind, thoughtful, knows the difference between discussion and argument.

  • [info]damncatfish "grew up" with me as well, also makes me smile.

  • [info]delrica gives the finest hugs in all the world.

  • [info]eclecticsoul is a fellow pilgrim my path.

  • [info]hotrodpoet is a lot nicer than he let's on, and is the only other grease monkey I know of in the scene.

  • [info]javabill swung a sword at me the day I met him, and I have liked him ever since.

  • [info]mstegasaurus, well, what's not to love ?

  • [info]multimediagrl still calls me "Slick" sometimes.

  • [info]redfive just rules.

  • [info]rosa_ostrina is yet another slam sibling, I have a really great family.

  • [info]sashash works his ass off.

  • [info]scottwoods writes my poetry before I can think of it.

  • [info]spokenn is another one of those "infectious smile" kind of people.

  • [info]stefan11, again, what's not to love here?

  • [info]twosnoos one half brother, one half sister, 99% nerd and all hilarious.

  • [info]zadriana is quite short, and better come to iWPS.

I am truly thankful for all of you who honor me with a glimpse into your lives. Be well.