count zero interrupt

Days go by when you are coding sometimes. Simple coding, hard coding. Days. I looked up and here it is tuesday, and nearly Thanksgiving. I haven't even put my bike down for the winter yet. I was ripping apart a piece of open source ecommerce software to make it work right and I forgot what day it was. I did have a little fun, finishing the site for Chelios' restaurant. It's a real shame they didn't go for the Flash version. It would have been slick. They wanted minimal. So it goes.

It feels strange going to work still. I was at the old place for so long that it feels like I should still be driving in that direction in the morning. I'm happy that I'm out of it, but I do miss it on occasion. Repossession is a game of patience, that sometimes requires certain brief moments of raw nerve. Those moments I do miss a little. I don't miss the resigned sadness that I saw in some customer's faces. I don't miss the anger they vented. My wife is certainly happier as well.

I dealt with more debtors than I could possibly remember. Every once in a while I'll see someone I think I know, an old school friend maybe, that I can't quite remember. Then I realize, we took your car. You spit at me when you came to pick up your property out of it. I generally look away, and hope they don't remember me. I don't want them to be embarassed.