A2Slam Business

I finally got around to uploading the video Steve took of this month's show. Well, one poem anyway, but that poem is priceless.

If you have been to the Ann Arbor Poetry Slam in the last few years, you have probably heard a few poems by a guy named Almighty Ray. Ray decided to move to the West Coast to pursue a career in showbiz (lookout Hollywood Slam), and we gave him a guest feature this month to wish him farewell. One of the poems that made Ray (in)famous was a piece called "Big Fat Cat", which I believe won the "Worst Poet in Ann Arbor" Title for Ray one year. Ray didn't have time to read it during the farewell show, mostly due to a 10 minute rendition of his other signature poem "Pepper Steak".

After the Slam was over and we were back to open mic, Deanna Kulpa was set to read, and commented to Ray that she wanted to hear "Big Fat Cat", and he says,"Why don't you read it ?" What followed was one of the stranger things I have seen on the Ann Arbor stage.Go here, and Click the Big Fat Cat Link. Also features heckling by Steve Marsh, Becky Austin, Matt Earnst, and yours truly.